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Organic Gardening Myths We’re Officially Breaking: Or, Why You Don’t Need Raised Beds and Fertilizer

Why You Don't Need Raised Beds & Fertilizers - Organic Gardening Myths We're Officially Breaking | Heirloom Soul | heirloomsoul.com

Spoiler Alert:  This gardening thing is about to get a whole lot easier. People who garden, myself included, tend to have really strong convictions about how to garden.  For the sake of Mother Nature, I’m beginning to let go of all my opinions.  I’ll always have certain gardening “camps” I identify with:  the Permaculturists, the No-Tillers, and the Soil Food Webbies, but there’s a whole heck of a lot I’ve changed my mind about along the way.  I say with one hand over my heart: I’ve gardened in enough places with diverse soils and bugs and crops across the Midwestern board and guess what:  Mother Nature doesn’t give one damn about...

4 Steps to Planning Your Organic Food Garden, Plus Tips to Help You Budget

Ah, spontaneity.  The sweet spice of life.  For me, it’s binging on a new order of super fun Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds on a Tuesday.  Or making a burrito for breakfast instead of a smoothie (fun stuff!)  But when it comes to garden planning… spontaneity doesn’t have much of a place in my regimen.  Planning a successful garden for the long term takes time, careful thought, and patience that comes with lots of change along the way. (Please note that affiliate links present in this post, which means if you click on a link and buy something I’ll get like 4 cents for it.  All recommendations are very much my own!) Not...