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Epic Spring Planting Series: Tips for Planting with Seeds

Learn 5 of my best tips for planting with seeds - including tips for thinning and underplanting! Also available for download is a FREE eGuide for Garden Planting and Successioning for Climate Change. Learn how climate change is affecting the way we garden and a planting chart that addresses it.

Spring has finally arrived and I’ve never been more happy about it in my LIFE!  Winter of 2016 was brutal for me.  Mentally, emotionally, for a lot of reasons.  But the daffodils, tulips, mint, plantain, pineapple weed, dandelions – they’re all on their way up!  Scroll over to my Instagram as I obsessively document everyone’s arrival.   More importantly, SPRING = GARDEN PLANTING!  I realize planting can be as equally daunting as it is exciting, which is why I’ve written a big, FREE Garden Planting + Successioning Guide for Climate Change just for you. Download the planting guide for FREE Now! Email Address * Your Name * After clicking the link below, go check your email.  You’ll receive...

FREE Garden Planting + Successioning Guide for Climate Change

FREE Garden Planting and Successioning Guide for Climate Change | How to Succession Plant your garden, featuring 97 fruits, vegetables and culinary and medicinal herbs to with dates for spring, summer and succession planting! | Heirloom Soul

It’s planting season…  Where do I even begin!!?  There is so much gardening information out there; in books, blogs, YouTube, you name it.  The Information Age we’re living in is literally confusing us into not knowing where to start at all.  The internet, Pinterest in particular, totally confused me before I started urban farming.  So what do I go do?  I craft up a gardening guide full of more gardening information 🙂 It’s good stuff, though.  I wrote this thing as a part of my Epic Spring Planting Series to help you.  I want nothing more than for every person who finds nature even remotely intriguing to grow their own food.  Hang out with me...