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Organic Remedies for Garden Bugs: The Pest Control of Mindfulness and Compassion

So there’s a ton of bugs in your garden eating holes in your beloved vegetable babies… you only know what a few of the bugs actually are… and you want to know how to get rid of them in a way that won’t harm the environment.  I have lots of experience on this subject, but let me forewarn you:  This isn’t another internet listicle on which OMRI-approved organic spray is better than the other.  I’m just not a fan of using a ton of elixirs, whether they’re store-bought, homemade, chemical-free, what have you.  I’ve been through that whole rigamarole – in fact, I even wrote an entire guide on organic pest management once – but I...

5 Steps to Building Healthy Soil: Increasing the Biodiversity of Your Soil Food Web, Part 1

5 Steps to Building Healthy Soil, Increasing the Biodiversity of Your Soil Food Web | Heirloom Soul |

“And the scientists, no matter how much they investigate nature, no matter how far they research, they only come to realize in the end how perfect and mysterious nature really is.  To believe that by research and invention humanity can create something better than nature is an illusion.” – Masanobu Fukuoka in The One-Straw Revolution.   When we garden we revitalize an heirloom heritage that has been lost over time.. We are stewards of the earth and treading lightly and having compassion for our gardens is a necessary practice. Best part is:  The opportunity for us to restore land back to its fertile origination lies in our own lawns and gardens, and...