Healing, Immune-Boosting Golden Tea

Healthy, delicious recipe for gut healing, immunity boosting natural herbal tea - DIY and get creative with it! Features ginger, turmeric, lemon, cayenne, echinacea, rosemary and raw honey. - Healing, Immune-Boosting Golden Tea | Heirloom Soul |

There’s nothing I love to drink more in the winter than a hot cup of tea – it’s warming, soothing, and completely comforting for body and soul.  Indulging in tea is also an easy way to stay hydrated while incorporating the many medicinal benefits that plants provide, into our daily diets. As we enter a new week of flu season, I want to share with you my go-to immune-system-boosting herbal tea* recipe and encourage you to make it yourself.  Mostly fresh ingredients are used in this recipe, so make sure to set aside an extra 20 minutes for peeling and chopping.  More than anything, make this tea with intention – enjoy the time...