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Epic Spring Planting Series: Tips for Planting with Seeds

Learn 5 of my best tips for planting with seeds - including tips for thinning and underplanting! Also available for download is a FREE eGuide for Garden Planting and Successioning for Climate Change. Learn how climate change is affecting the way we garden and a planting chart that addresses it.

Spring has finally arrived and I’ve never been more happy about it in my LIFE!  Winter of 2016 was brutal for me.  Mentally, emotionally, for a lot of reasons.  But the daffodils, tulips, mint, plantain, pineapple weed, dandelions – they’re all on their way up!  Scroll over to my Instagram as I obsessively document everyone’s arrival.   More importantly, SPRING = GARDEN PLANTING!  I realize planting can be as equally daunting as it is exciting, which is why I’ve written a big, FREE Garden Planting + Successioning Guide for Climate Change just for you. Download the planting guide for FREE Now! Email Address * Your Name * After clicking the link below, go check your email.  You’ll receive...

FREE eBook! – Handcrafted Plant Magic: DIY Self-Care Rituals Inspired by My Garden

Easy DIY bath & beauty product recipes that are completely natural and organic - banish toxins from your daily routine for good! - Handcrafted Plant Magic - DIY Self-Care Rituals Inspired by My Garden - Free Ebook! |

I am so very happy to announce that I have written my first eBook!  And you can have it all for free.  You should probably get in on this! (Download form is below).     I’m a firm believer:  If you wouldn’t eat something, you shouldn’t be putting it on your skin.  Our skin is our largest organ and anything we put on our bodies eventually ends up inside our bodies. There are thousands of toxins in our everyday bath and beauty products that cause harm to our bodies without our even knowing it – even the “all natural” ones.  I know, I felt totally duped too.  Mad, even.  But rather than brushing the disappointment...