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4 Steps To Cover Cropping Your Organic Garden

Image Source Cover cropping is a soil amendment system we use to improve the soil’s structure and overall fertility.  Put simply, we cover crop by growing masses of plants in our beds toward autumn, allowing them to overwinter, and incorporating their decayed foliage and roots into the soil in the following spring as green manure.   Traditionally synonymous with organic farming, cover cropping is absolutely a practice we can adopt in our own backyards, even in raised beds that are just a few feet long!  By selecting the proper cover crops for your space and timing the seeding right, a wealth of benefits (all given by nature herself!) await.   Reasons for...

5 Steps to Building Healthy Soil: Increasing the Biodiversity of Your Soil Food Web, Part 2

5 Steps to Building Healthy Soil, Increasing the Biodiversity of Your Soil Food Web | Heirloom Soul |

“If you were a tiny organism in a forest’s soil, you would be enmeshed in a carnival of activity, with mycelium constantly moving through subterranean landscapes like cellular waves, through dancing bacteria and swimming protozoa with nematodes like whales through a microcosmic sea of life.” – Paul Stamets in Mycelium Running: How Mushrooms Can Help Save the World. In Part 2 of our soil-building series (Click here for Part 1), I will discuss five steps you can take to improve and fully restore the fertility of your garden soil.  These steps come at a very low cost to you, and only require your full attention in the moment, and reflection as...