Garden Services

Whether you want to start a new garden from scratch or already have one and just need a little guidance, I am happy to help you get growing.  I consider the design and implementation of each organic garden and landscape individually, so please contact me to set up an initial meeting in your space.  Here, I will inventory your site and we will discuss what your dream garden entails.


Organic Vegetable & Herb Gardens

Organic Vegetable & Herb Gardens | Heirloom Soul

  • Edible Garden Design including bed layouts, material specifications and crop planning
  • Planting, Maintenance & Garden Education for individuals and families with children
  • – Garden Consultations starting at $75


Edible Landscaping: Yard & Parkway Enhancements

Edible Landscaping Yard Enhancements | Heirloom Soul

There are a myriad of beautiful, edible plants that can be grown in your yard that will come back year after year!  From berry brambles and privacy fruit trees to herbal ground covers to fill in your grassless areas, the options are vast.  My philosophy entails working with the existing features of your property to increase its value and visual interest over time, while incorporating permaculture practices.

  • Whole or Partial Landscape Design with a Permaculture Focus, including a digital plan
  • Planting & Maintenance for your landscape


What They’re Saying

“We have learned gardening is both art and science, and we have tremendous appreciation for our green-thumbed Heirloom Soul gardener and seasoned instructor, Fran DePalma, who possesses the knowledge and instinct to balance both.  Fran has taught us when gardening, like any good business, you need to have a plan. As variables unfold you need to be knowledgeable, nimble and have the knack to adapt, survive and be successful.  Of course the weeks ahead will clearly spell out how knowledgeable and nimble we are as her students.” – Chris H. of Hubby Candy, Chicago, IL