30 Unique Nature-Inspired Gifts for Her

Looking for the perfect, unique gift for your earth-loving female pal?  You’ve come to the right place!  I’ve rounded up this gift list for those women who prefer spending time outdoors, love to cook, and love natural products that are healthy for their bodies and the environment.  If anything, I hope that this list will give you some great ideas for last-minute people left on your list.  Many of these gifts are on Amazon, so go ahead and revel in that quick Prime shipping!

This post may contain affiliate links, but all gifts have been hand selected and recommended in full by me (in fact, the sellers have no idea I’m promoting their products, so lucky them!)



  1. 1.  Save the Bees Tee – $26

  2. 30 Unique Nature-Inspired Gifts for Her | Best Holiday Gifts for Her | heirloomsoul.com

Out of all the “save the whatever” shirts, this one is by far my favorite.  Extremely soft, 100% organic cotton tee is truly adorable, and with your purchase, Naturwrk will donate $1 to the Xerxes Society for Pollinator Conservation.  They have a handful of other designs, too!  Our bees need our help so lets start a conversation about it. 



2.  Natural Lava Stone Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace – $32

30 Unique Nature-Inspired Gifts for Her | Best Holiday Gifts for Her | heirloomsoul.com

Simple, minimalistic gold filled necklace is hypoallergenic and tarnish resistant.  These necklaces are handmade and each raw lava stone is individual in texture and appearance.  Pair it with a bottle of essential oil for a really unique gift – the stone will hold the aroma of the oils for days!



3.  Set of Air Plants ($35) + Handmade Concrete Pots ($30)


30 Unique Nature-Inspired Gifts for Her | Best Holiday Gifts for Her | heirloomsoul.com
I love this gift for anyone who works in an office – to brighten and green-up their desk space!  Tillandsias only require soaking in water once per week – no soil required.   There are different plant sizes available, though I recommend the extra large because they won’t dry out as quick, and they are so beautiful.  The air plants, paired with these beautiful handmade concrete + metallic gold pots, will make three adorable gifts perfectly suitable for bosses, friends, bridesmaids, etc.  This is also a great idea for individual hostess gifts if you have several holiday parties to attend and want to bring something unique.  

Please note: The air plants are sold on Amazon and the concrete pots are sold on Etsy and do NOT include the plants shown with them.



4.  Flowering Tea Blossoms with Glass Teapot – $60

If you’ve never enjoyed a flowering tea you’re missing out!  The blossoms open slowly, revealing the delicate colors and patterns of each individual flower.  The set comes with 12 tea blossoms and includes a beautiful glass teapot, teapot warmer and infuser.   This is an excellent gift for women of all ages that enjoy relaxing with hot tea (and if you want to combine an incredible book with it, scroll down to #14!)



  1. 5.  Gardeners Hand Therapy – $20

But not just for gardeners.  This hand lotion is a staple in my home.  It has a light, floral fragrance that doesn’t overpower and leaves hands amazingly soft without extra grease.  It also lasts forever – a little goes a long way!  A great practical gift.


6.  Fermentation Crock ($57) + The Art of Fermentation Book ($26)

This is a mother of a gift for someone who is really into cooking and preparing food.  Fermentation is becoming more and more popular, but chances are your friend doesn’t have the gear for it yet.  Outfit her with this classic-style fermentation crock and arguably the best fermentation book out there and you have just supplied her with a brand new hobby… and a serious gut party.



  1. 7.  6-Month Herbal CSA – $240

  2. 30 Unique Nature-Inspired Gifts for Her | Best Holiday Gifts for Her | heirloomsoul.com

This gift is so super cool.  I mean, it’s really, really cool.  Terra Luna Herbals out of Philadelphia puts together this adorable subscription box that includes herbal products made from the Terra Luna garden and other local businesses outside of the city.  The offerings change each month and might include anything from natural skin products and tea blends to organic handcrafted food products.  With your purchase, Terra Luna will donate $5 to the Philadelphia Orchard Project – good stuff.

The Herbal CSA also comes in 3-month ($120) and 12-month ($480) subscriptions.  Your lucky recipient is guaranteed to be floored, and will have something to look forward to for months!



  1. 8.  Real.Soaps Gift Set – $20

  2. 30 Unique Nature-Inspired Gifts for Her | Best Holiday Gifts for Her | heirloomsoul.com

There are a lot of soap makers on Etsy – but I’ve met Shamus and have bought and used his products and I can say:  They are amazing.  His packaging is minimalist yet attractive, the ingredients he uses are simple yet the highest quality, and the products he offers smell amazing, look amazing, and do what they claim.  And if you live in Chicago, you can pick your order up from him.  I recommend the salt bar soap and the orange + clove bar soap!



  1. 9.  ENO Hammock – $59

Who doesn’t want one of these?  Especially perfect for someone who loves camping, going on day hikes or bike rides, or generally spending a lot of time outside, this hammock folds up into a ball and you can take it with you anywhere.  Don’t forget to buy the straps to attach to the tree, too!



  1. 10.  Adventure Camp Mug – $11

Because, adorable.  Include a bag of whole bean coffee from a local roaster and you’re good to go.  If you don’t know which coffee to choose, One Line Coffee in Columbus, OH has incredible tasting, fair trade offerings here.



  1. 11.  Lapis Lazuli Raw Gemstone Necklace – $44

  2. lapis

Again, there are a lot of jewelry makers on Etsy, but I can attest to this one.  I’ve ordered this exact Lapis Lazuli necklace from Song Yee Designs (as a gift, with my fingers crossed) and it was perfect.  Great packaging, beautiful craftsmanship, great price.  I would recommend anything from this store.



  1. 12.  Diva Cup – $25

A gift for your best female friend, or for someone you know won’t be totally weirded out that you just gave her an accessory for her hoo hah.  Or maybe you have a friend who has been considering switching to a menstrual cup but hasn’t made the purchase yet (it’s becoming a thing!)  Do her the grandest favor and just buy her one – it will change her life. 


13.  Woolrich Buffalo Check Boyfriend Flannel Shirt – $59

Lumberjack babe, amiright?  It comes in tons of colors.  It is in our North American blood to love this shirt.  The reason this shirt is better than the “girlier” one at Forever21 is because it’s a Woolrich, plain and simple.  It will last at least into the next generation.



  1. 14.  Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer – $12

Robin Wall Kimmerer should be read by every nature lover, and especially females.  In Braiding Sweetgrass, she draws on her own indigenous roots to reveal to us ourselves through nature.  She is poetic, intelligent, and has the words and the wisdom of dreams, and it is wholly heartfelt and inspiring.  Everyone should read this book.



  1. 15.  Larousse Vintage Vegetables Print – $24

  2. 30 Unique Nature-Inspired Gifts for Her | Best Holiday Gifts for Her | heirloomsoul.com

My mom bought me this one year for Christmas, and it’s gorgeous.  For anyone who is a food grower, a cook, a vegetarian, a botanical illustration enthusiast (they exist), this is a beautiful print.  Comes ready to hang.



  1. 16.  Raw Crystal Stud Earrings – $16-$35

  2. 30 Unique Nature-Inspired Gifts for Her | Best Holiday Gifts for Her | heirloomsoul.com

We nature-adoring females love raw crystals.  We covet the colors, the energies they hold, the fact that they are simply chunks of earth left completely untouched.  This Etsy seller has a slew of raw crystal stud earrings that are just fabulous (amethyst, citrine, pyrite, kyanite (pictured), labradorite, turquoise, quartz, etc etc!)  I suggest buying one pair for every friend you have – each stone has its own personality just like them.



  1. 17.  DIY Kombucha Brewing Kit – $54

This is such a fun, thoughtful gift for someone who loves their booch.  Kombucha is an incredibly healthy fermented tea drink that has become wildly popular over the past few years.  And guess what:  It’s super easy and cheap to make at home once you have the supplies for it.  Do your DIY-loving, booch-obsessed friend a favor and gift her this DIY kombucha brewing kit. 



18.  Dr. Bronners Liquid Lavender Castile Soap – $18

Before you scroll right through, just hear me out – this is an excellent, practical gift in combination with a few other natural products (suggestions: my favorite Desert Essence toothpaste and Thayer’s Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner).  Dr. Bronner’s lavender soap can be used for basically anything and has a very light formula with zero chemicals.  It’s a great soap to gift because anyone can use it safely.  Your recipient can use this to clean her house or herself.  It smells divine and is definitely something that won’t go to waste!



  1. 19.  Spiralizer – $30

A nifty kitchen gadget that makes preparing veggie pasta a whole lot easier.  This is a great gift for someone who loves to cook or eat healthy, as its main purpose is to create “spirals,” or pasta noodles, out of vegetables such as zucchini, carrots, beets and the like.  I know I want one.



  1. 20.  Be Radical, Eat Traditional Homemade Cookbook – $20

  2. 30 Unique Nature-Inspired Gifts for Her | Best Holiday Gifts for Her | heirloomsoul.com

Review:  “The Great Kosmic Kitchen has done it again! Summer and Sarah lift up ancient nutritional practices with modern day flair, weaving historical preparations of whole foods and healing herbs, with an emphasis on the ease and convenience needed for today’s busy lifestyle. With beautiful imagery and poetic writings, this inspiring and practical guide brings energetic radiance and deep wellness into every kitchen.”

Enough said.  Handcrafted cookbook by two moon goddesses that is sure to dazzle anyone interested in herbalism and foods as medicine!  And it’s not overwhelming like some hundred-page cookbooks can be.


  1. 21.  Fig + Yarrow Organic Herbal Facial Steam – $27

This is a gorgeously presented blend of herbs by Fig + Yarrow, and multiple at-home spa treatments for under 30 bucks!  Four different blends for each season means your lucky girl will be able to pamper herself all year round.  A very unique “bath & body” gift that is sure to please.



  1. 22.  Felco Classic Hand Pruners – $49

These are the best set of pruners made, and I recommend these as a gift for someone who is new into gardening.  I stress buying these for garden “newbies” because people who have been gardening for awhile probably already have a pair of pruners, or have the tools they already need.  Don’t forget to include this leather belt holster which is just as useful as the pruners!



  1. 23.  Handmade Leather Farm Belt – $185

  2. 30 Unique Nature-Inspired Gifts for Her | Best Holiday Gifts for Her | heirloomsoul.com

Wheeler Munroe, out of North Carolina, makes gorgeous leather floral and farm belts for men and women alike.  This is a handsome gift for anyone who spends a lot of time in the yard, in a woodworking shed, or anyone who uses tools to craft things.  The belts are customizable based on waist size and whether you want silver or gold hardware.  Turnaround is 2-3 weeks, so order quick.



  1. 24.  Oxidized Silver Succulent Ring – $80

  2. 30 Unique Nature-Inspired Gifts for Her | Best Holiday Gifts for Her | heirloomsoul.com

Gorgeous handmade oxidized sterling silver ring.  No two are alike!  Who doesn’t love this?

  2. 25.  Herb Drying Chandelier – $20 

Herb drying racks are extremely useful for people with herb gardens (no kidding!)  This herb rack in particular is adorable because it hangs like a chandelier rather than flat against a wall like most other racks.  This would also be a great gift for someone who loves to collect and dry flowers and leaves. 


  1. 26.  Goddess Smudge Sticks Trio – $40

  2. smudge-trioThese smudge sticks – meant to be used to cleanse negative spirits in a home – are simply beautiful.   Whether she believes in the power of the smudge stick or not, they would make beautiful decorations and conversation pieces for her home.  Magick Moods on Etsy also sells single sticks for $18 each.



  1. 27.  Geometric Terrarium – $60

Okay, so these metallic gold terrariums are the most basic home decorating solution of 2016, but I adore them!  And I guarantee anyone that receives one of these will genuinely love it.  This one is handmade by a couple in Isanbul, Turkey.



  1. 28.  Gingko Biloba Handmade Flour Sack Towel – $16

Beautiful prints by Hearth & Harrow are handprinted using environmentally safe water-based ink.  They come in an array of prints, though I am partial to this Gingko Biloba leaf.  These make excellent hostess gifts (or, if you need to spruce up a gift you already have, consider wrapping it in this). 



  1. 29.  NOW Essential Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser – $37

Beautiful blossom-shaped diffuser is perfect for the friend who loves to indulge in chilling out.  Pair this diffuser with a bottle of lavender essential oil, and she’s good to go.  There are many different EO diffusers out there, but I love the blossom shape and dark wood grain of this one.



30.  Marmot Precip Jacket – $66-$110

I own a Marmot rain jacket very similar to this one (an older model) and it is hands-down my favorite thing to wear spring through fall.  Any woman that works outside or spends a majority of her time outside needs good rain gear.  This jacket is incredibly lightweight, waterproof yet breathable, and is flattering on.  I regret that mine doesn’t have pockets like this one does!  Price varies on Amazon based on color.


30 Nature Inspired Gifts for Her | 2016 Holiday Gift Guide | Heirloom Soul



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